About ZOA

We are here for our loved ones in need,
suffering in this broken world. 
We are here for victims of conflict and disasters, 
looking for comfort, a meal and a safe place. 
We are here for refugees who have lost everything, 
and risk losing courage.
We help people get back on their feet,
provide food, a blanker or a tent.
We remain faithful during recovery, 
until people can take care of themselves again. 
We are here. Together we are ZOA.

We are here together
ZOA works in more than 15 countries worldwide with a team of about 1000 people. In crisis areas, we help people who suffer from conflict or natural disasters to rebuild their lives. In this way, we want to enable people to live a dignified life in peace. Where possible we work together with local partners and are supported by thousands of volunteers. We cannot do it alone. We love to work together with hundreds of churches, entrepeneurs, schools and donors. Together we are here for people who have lost everything because of conflict and disaster.